The Team

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Steve, the cidermaker

Steve’s earliest memory of cider was during his teens after a hot day in New England helping bring in the hay at a friends farm.  He remembers his friend’s father bringing the boys down into the cool, damp root cellar where he kept his barrel of homemade cider under lock and key.  The reward of a tall glass of cold, tart, slightly acetic cider after a long day of field-work made a lasting impression.   During the 1980’s he became an avid home brewer and for a time considered starting his own brewery.  Sometime later, Steve had his first taste of real French cider, the memory of the cider of his youth came flooding back and he has been hooked ever since.  


Anne, Sales & Marketing

Anne returned to Massachusetts in 2013 after living in San Francisco for ten years, to find her father’s passion for cider now a full-blown obsession.   Soon, she too was seeking out new and interesting ciders at bottle shops and farmers markets and reading through her father’s library of books on the subject.  In the spring of 2015, Anne and her father planted the first 150 apple trees (Roxbury Russet, Golden Russet & Dabinett) on a piece of old farm-land where she lives with her husband and young son.  She leads the Sales & Marketing efforts using skills she picked up during her years in boutique hospitality marketing and public relations.


keith, the orchardist

Keith started growing apples on his 50 acres of Central Massachusetts hilltop land in 1984 and named it Ragged Hill Orchard.   Since then he has grown over three dozen varieties (6,000 trees as of 2017).  He works closely with the UMASS Agricultural Extension and IPM consultants using their best recommendations for fruit growing and orchard management techniques.  In 2008 he planted his first 1200 tall spindle trees, and in 2012 through his relationship with Steve, the first heritage cider varieties including Golden Russet, Dabinett, Baldwin, and Roxbury Russet.   He plans to continue planting more heritage cider varieties in the coming years, including 1500 more trees in the Spring of 2018.